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The bird of the bird belongs to the sandbird or the dakhnoosh: as the bird is called hex and has a strong and swastika, 

it is used to prey on small animals on hawthorn trees, or over barbed wire and others,[1] and insects are the staple food of the bird, and also feed on the eggs of some other birds, berries and small fruit, this bird lives in different parts of the world, specifically in Europe, Asia, Africa, 

North America and Russia. [2] The nature of the body of a bird of the bird is between 14.5-50 cm long and weighs from 18-100 grams, has a sharp beak, strong legs, and is characterized by its polymorphism, some types of birds of the bird have a green, red, yellow color, such as a bird with yellow crown and head. Grey, but others of the birds of the shards have black crowns, 

white wings, or black and gray, while the young shards tend to brown, and have many wavy lines in their feathers,[2] and the bird of the shard is classified from about 30 species of medium-sized predators, where the birds kill large insects, lizards, mice, and small birds. [3]