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 Molluscs are the second largest group in the kingdom of animals after insects they come on several types and classifications, with more than 45,000 species, and most of the molluscs live in salt water, on the shores of the seas,

 lakes, and there are numbers of them in fresh water and deserts also have been named as they do not contain A spine is very soft and some of its species are so transparent that it is difficult to see and some of their species come with an external shell, and these animals live above grasses and stones and move slowly, and the process of breathing is carried out as in fish by this gills if the species lives in the sea while the species that live on the surface of the earth breathe through the lungs. These animals feed on both plants and animals,

 such as well-known molluscs, octopus, oysters and sea snails, and are cooked and eaten as a type of seafood and pearls are extracted from oysters, and this is another benefit for molluscs. As for the shape of molluscs, there are types of them that have no head and move through the feet either by crawling, or floating, and have a heart, small blood vessels in the back area, and feed orally, as they contain small teeth but the shellfish has no teeth, and their waste sits out The way of the kidneys,

 but animals that do not have a head have something like a mouth that enables them to get their food and molluscs are important in the process of food sequencing as they feed on other animals smaller than them, and at the same time they are food for some larger animal species and some types of molluscs are important in the manufacture of medicines and medical drugs.