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Methods of fishing from rivers


Fish Fish that live in fresh and salt water, whether in rivers, seas, lakes and oceans, differ from each other in terms of size and shape. They are among the meat that people depend on for their food as a source rich in iodine, and in order to get fish, they must be caught, and fishing is considered a hobby. That requires calm and patience, it is an enjoyable hobby.

 To catch fish from the river there are methods and techniques that must be mastered. Methods of fishing from rivers There are methods for fishing from rivers as follows: Choosing the type of bait when going to fish in the river must choose the appropriate bait that suits the season in which it is, for example in the summer season the grains are suitable for fishing such as canned corn, wheat and oats And boiled barley, and in the spring and autumn season live worms are used, and in the winter season bread dough and millet porridge or raw grass (rima) are used. Choosing the right place, the fish are usually found at medium depths and that is why they are not at the muddy bottom of the river, 

so when going fishing, things must be placed quietly on the beach to avoid causing a noise and the fish escaping. The commotion and run away at once. Choosing the appropriate fishing tools The hook: The hook is the most popular tool in catching fish from the river, and the hook differs in terms of type and size,

 so there is no single hook suitable for catching all types of fish, and for this you must choose the appropriate shape and size to catch the fish to be caught, for example if the fish is small and strong The hook is small and made of strong material capable of catching and pulling fish out of the water. Among other types of hook we mention the regular hook with the flat spoon that is suitable for most types of bait such as dough, small fish pieces, and small shrimp pieces, and there is a hook with a short arm and an eye and is usually used for fishing from the boat and pulling fish.