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Learn to fish with a hook

 Fishing Fishing is the science and art of capturing marine organisms from the water, and it is an ancient method of obtaining food,

 and fishing is one of the arts used to achieve pleasure and this means recreational fishing. Where fish is kept or used personally, and fishing is a means of profit and by that we mean commercial fishing, so fish and marine creatures are caught for sale and benefit from them 

[1] and the practice of fishing is an important thing in relieving tension; Where fishermen, whatever their goals, go out from fishing to interact with nature. Spending a day in nature to track the movement of marine organisms and catch them is one of the most enjoyable and easing things to stress and get rid of the burdens of life and stress. And fishing is considered important for the enjoyment of a healthy life, for example one can lose many calories while fishing, and fishing also helps one to respect himself through his respect for the environment, and it is worth noting that fishermen have worked hard since ancient times to preserve wild and aquatic life, as they preserved The importance of fishing in connection with their concern for the cleanliness of the fish wealth that is affected by the surrounding environment, fishing enhances the economy in general, and the fisheries and water sector occupies many jobs.

 [2] The importance of fishing for food lies in the fact that wild fish have a low fat and cholesterol level, and a high percentage of fish. Protein, and the American Heart Association recommends a regular diet that includes eating abundant amounts of fish, and the benefits of fish increase the more fresh it is, so the fishing was important From the point of view of feeding instead of buying fish from the market.

 [2] Fishing using the hook To catch fish using the hook, the following steps must be followed:

 [3] First of all, the hook for fishing must be tied in the correct way, and for beginners the Klench knot method is the best way; Where the thread is inserted into the loop of the curved part of the hook and wrapped it 4 to 6 times, then heading towards the reel of the hook, then returning the thread and inserting it again into the ring and tying it tightly and making sure that it is tight. Hanging weights or the body that floats in the hook, and if the movement of water is rapid like rivers, then the body is suspended 12 inches from the bait, and a novice person can know whether the bait fish was caught or not when the body begins to shiver and takes to go under the surface of the water. Hanging the bait with a hook, the method of hanging it depends on its type; 

However, the bait must be inserted tightly into the hooked part to ensure it does not slip away during fishing. Throwing the hook thread in the required direction, and if the hook contains the start button, it can be pressed to release the thread in the desired direction and leave it until it is completely released, and by pressing it again it is returned. Waiting for 10 minutes to 15 minutes after throwing the hook in the water, and it can be moved slowly to delude the fish that the bait is alive, and it is also preferable that there is no noise or loud noises in the place so that the fish do not move away from it, and in case one waits 10 to 15 minutes and does not catch Fish, it's best to change location. Tracking the movement of the hook if a fish is caught in it, it may be difficult for beginners sometimes to know if a fish has caught the hook or something else; However,

 this can be distinguished from the continuous practice of hunting. Withdraw the hook from the water vertically and slowly without tension to ensure that the fish remains stuck in it, and it is preferable not to use the reel unless the fish are very small and lightweight. Putting the fish in the net before loosening it from the hook,

 then the fish is carefully loosened and placed in the bucket designated for keeping it, and the pliers can be used to cut the curved part of the hook in case it is difficult to loosen the fish from it.