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How to protect wild animals

 Wildlife Protection the latest edition of the Red List of Endangered Species issued by the World Union for Conservation of Nature and Its Resources in 2016 indicates that one species disappears every twenty minutes, 

that (26%) of mammals, (13%) birds, and (4) 2% of amphibians, (30%) sharks and finfish are endangered, and indicate that (23,928) species of animals out of (82,954) species studied and classified as endangered animals. When you look at previous figures and proportions, 

we realize that solutions must be found to protect wild animals, otherwise many of them will become mere images and drawings of living beings that once lived on Earth.

 The IUCN World Species Programme highlights endangered species to make an effort to conserve them, alert the world to the importance of studying why wild animal species are disappearing from the earth, and urging everyone to do more to protect them.