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How to protect endangered animals


The introduction of life is beautiful despite many events that negatively affect our lives in one way or another, talking about animals or others makes you feel that life has become unbalanced or risky

, even though we live a reality of a reality of insecurity, which threatens the lives of millions of people around this earth, which the competent authorities attributed to the need for serious research, in order to The creation of alternative means, such as living on another planet, was the first thing advocated by global human rights organizations,

 because pollution has overwhelmed the earth incredibly, and life for humans has become a collection of pollutants surrounding it, perhaps the most important of which is air, how can we live in an environment filled with destruction, pollution and a sense of insecurity? Not to mention wars, revolutions, and human tyranny over man. Man is one of the most important of these creatures, and therefore God made him his successor on earth, and inspired him by the mind that loved him from the rest of the creatures,

 in order to be able to direct his life in a way that he can adapt to this environment in one way or another, and if you look at the positive side, you will find that man is the only creature capable of managing this earth, although there are many hands of the saboteurs that have greatly affected our lives, and influenced them, and made corruption a land and a hotbed. 

On the other hand, you have seen many environmental protection institutions, which are primarily keen to rid the environment of all the waste that may affect our future as human beings, and have worked against all violations related to the environment, for example those who try to get rid of nature reserves, or exploit trees in an unloved manner, are severely punished, and may go to jail for this act most likely.