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How to catch seabream

 Seabream Gilt-head bream is a medium-sized fish, often about 35 centimeters long,

 some of which reach (70) centimeters by weight (17) kilograms, and seabream is found on the eastern coasts of the North Atlantic, as well as in the Mediterranean sea and large shallow lakes. It is characterized by the fluidity and agility of her body, her small straight tail, and smart eyes, and her meat is soft and rich in high calories and salts, 

as well as phosphorus, vitamins, calcium, zinc and omega-3. Seabream is sold at high prices because it is rare and of high nutritional value. The small seabream is called by some of the fishermen called "Flegis" and the big one sits it is called Dennis, some of which are called "King", which distinguishes this type from the presence of a point in yellow on the gills. How to catch it Seabream fish move in small groups of more than three deep sea fish in search of food such as shellfish and worms, and the seafish fishing season begins from 10 months to one month (2), where seabream is found in rough places containing gravel and sand. 

His fishing tools. Numbered hand machine of (40-45) inches. A hook with a number of (3-6) for small fish and (1-2) for large fish. Hair or thread. A small mussel bullet. How to tie the bait to catch it The bullet is attached to the bottom of the hook thread. In the summer, the taste is either crab, or hopper, and the taste is rigid.

 The taste in winter is either a text or a shrimp of aqare, worms or gandalifli because the seabream is sick in winter and needs a soft taste.