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 Pigeons pigeons are a type of pet bird that has lived in close proximity to humans for thousands of years, and pigeons are found in a diverse form; Where there are more than 300 different species of it in various parts of the world except for the Arctic and Antarctic poles, the largest variety of pigeons is in Malaysia, India, Australia and Asia, 

and pigeons are also found in tropical forests and grasslands, and are also found in rocky areas and deserts, and most of them live Types of pigeons in groups of 20 to 30 individuals, and feed on grains, fruits and many different plants, and pigeons live in wildlife for more than 30 years, and it is worth noting that many types of pigeons are at risk due to losing their habitat, or because of infectious diseases, Or because of predation by birds of prey or animals. 

[1] The size of the pigeon depends on its species, and its shape and color of feathers depend on its habitat and the type of diet. It can be said that the most common type of pigeon is the one who has gray feathers and lives in cities. Great importance in antiquity; It was used to carry mail during the First and Second World War, and many lives were saved through it, as the pigeons have a very sensitive sense of hearing; Where it can be inferred from the imminent occurrence of albumin, storms and volcanic eruptions, and the pigeons have a great ability to locate objects within 26 miles.

 [1] Methods of hunting pigeons to catch pigeons are multiple ways, and one can catch pigeons by following the following: 

[2] [3] Buy A pigeon trap, usually the trap in the form of a cage with only one door; Where more than one pigeon can be placed in the same cage. Putting the food intended for the pigeons in the area where the cage will be located and leaving it until the pigeons come and feed, so that they are deceived, and as the days pass by, the pigeons get used to eating their food in that place. Setting the pigeon trap or the cage in the place where it used to eat, while continuing to put the food for the pigeon in it and leaving the door open, and it is preferable for one to put food for the pigeon while he is around the trap so that the pigeons get used to his presence. 

Close the cage or the trap with the pigeons in it to besiege it, so that one has got a sufficient amount of pigeons in the cage and he is able to act in it however he wants. Hunting of pigeons at night despite high eyesight of pigeons; 

However, they hesitate to fly at night; Which makes hunting them at night easy, and catching pigeons at night can follow the following: [4] Determine the point at which the pigeons are to be caught, and wait until night falls, 

taking into account turning off any side lights, and it is preferable to wear gloves by hand to ensure public safety. Reaching the pigeon to be caught and being careful not to terrorize it, then catch it and press its wings to limit its attempt to fly,

 and put it in its cage while covering it with a piece of cloth to calm it down, and the required number of pigeons can be caught in the same way. Move the pigeons to a safe place to avoid their infection with any diseases, and it is preferable that the cage not be overcrowded.