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How dinosaurs went extinct

Dinosaurs are extinct reptiles that appeared on Earth in the late Triangulation nearly 245 million years ago, and the term Dinaso first appeared by the English ecologist Richard Owen in 1842

 and the term is derived from two Greek words, the first dainus (in Greek: the great, or the massive, the second is Soros( in Greek: αατα) and means lizard. There are nearly 700 known species of extinct dinosaurs identified by scientists from fossils found on seven continents, including bones, teeth, and dinosaur eggs, as well as footprints, trajectories, and skin impressions left behind.

 [1] How dinosaurs extinction suggests that dinosaurs became extinct rapidly and suddenly about 65 million years ago,

 at the end of the Cretaceous period, scientists have developed several theories to explain this puzzling phenomenon that not only ended the life of dinosaurs but also included ammonia, a species of molluscs, and bananas. 

The pleistoid, the slugs, the tyrannized reptiles, the winged swords, the herbivorous turtles, the contacts, most birds, and many mammals, theories developed to explain the phenomenon of dinosaur extinction include collision theory, multiple collision theory, and environmental change theory.



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