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Feeling fishing method

 Feeling fish is a type of fish that is famous in the world, especially the Arabian Gulf, so many people depend in their economy on catching this type of fish, and the feeling fish has a silver color with a light blue glow, and its mouth is distinguished by its projection to the outside, and is agitated for living In all environmental conditions, 

even harsh ones, it breeds in spring and summer. There are several types of fish for poaching, the first type is the Arabic feeling and it is the best of all its types characterized by its tender meat, the second is the Bakhshin fish with a red line on its mouth and also its flesh is tender, and the third type is called Al-Shahdoud, and the fourth is called Feel Yama, which is the least demanded due to the harsh meat. The last type is the soli feeling. It is sugar and is distinguished by its yellow and black color around its neck, but its flesh is also tough, and the beauty of the colors of the soli poetry is sugar, 

it is similar to ornamental fish, as it spreads on its body and head spots of several colors such as yellow, blue, white and silver, and the maximum length of the feeling is 87 centimeters . Living places The feeling fish are found largely near coral and rocky areas, in addition to the grassy bottoms, and feed on seaweeds, mollusks and marine worms as well, 

as for the most common seasons for feeling fish is between the months of February and April, and the feeling fish is one of the types of carnivorous and vegetarian fish, one of its most important features It maintains its quality in the freezer for a long time without spoiling. The method of fishing the feeling is the hobby of fishing is one of the most widespread hobbies in the Arabian Gulf, as many Gulf people practice the hobby of catching fish frequently, and what helps them to do that is the presence of many different types of fish there,

 and fishing has economic value and great importance in Arab Gulf States. It should be noted that the ancient Chinese were the first to know fishing with the traditional wooden hook, and it was considered the first means of catching all kinds of fish, after which the British developed the fishing process by establishing fishing clubs, and in 1939 the United States of America established the first union at the level of The world for fishing, 

and its goal was to preserve the fish and record the numbers of professionals in fishing, and to catch the feeling fish in several ways, namely: Al-Gargair: so that the fishermen put the bait of the float, which is a small dried fish. Al-Hadaq: It is another way to catch feeling fish, and it is by using either squid or shrimp. Artificial bait:

 It is similar to an artificial bait that is made of either hair, copper, steel, or iron, and thus it is considered a kind of deception of fish that makes them think that it is real bait, which makes catching fish very easy.